Self Doubt

23 Jun

Have you ever had the feeling of inadequacy? It often creeps up on you just moments before you’re about to achieve a particular goal you’ve set or even when you’re putting a plan together of how you’re going to achieve that goal.

That feeling of self doubt and inadequacy invaded my thoughts today. What if I can’t achieve my dreams? What if I’m wasting my time with this blog? What if, what if, what if?

This questioning of my abilities to do something meaningful with my life filled my thoughts until I came across a poster promoting the Katy Perry: Part of Me movie. Normally, I would have walked right past such posters and on rare occasions take a quick glance at them. Today, I found myself captivated by it. Not so much by the design of the poster, the bright colours or by Katy Perry herself but mostly by the tag line at the bottom. “Be yourself and you can be anything”. That was the tag line.

“Be yourself and you can be anything”. That tag line made me realise what I had been doing wrong all day. I was asking myself “what if” and not “why not”. It made me re-evaluate my thoughts and encouraged me to change my attitude. With that, my mood started getting better and I started thinking of all the possibilities, all the things that I could do with my life.

Self doubt is normal. Almost everyone has experienced that moment of weakness when they have felt that they just “can’t”. Yes, sometimes there will be setbacks. But if you wanted something bad enough, wouldn’t you do anything and everything to achieve it? I know I would. There are times when things will get too hard but the important thing is attitude. Changing your attitude and mindset goes a long way to helping you take that step toward achieving something, no matter how small that step is.

That was what I noticed today. By changing the way I thought, my attitude changed and I felt empowered.

On a side note, I also noticed that listening to some upbeat music for about an hour or so also helped rid away some of my negative thoughts.

What empowers you? What do you do when you experience moments of self-doubt?


© Dhayana Sena 2012.


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