2 Jul

always equal

There are plenty of songs in this world telling you to be who you are. Many of them also tell you not do give a monkeys of what other people think.

How come then if there are so many encouraging outlets in the world people aren’t themselves?

I’ll tell you why. It’s out of fear. Fear of rejection, bullying, exclusion. Rejection from society is probably everyone’s biggest fear. The reason you don’t want to post that picture on Facebook: fear of rejection. The reason you don’t post that video on YouTube: fear of rejection.

In the trailer for her movie Katy Perry said “Thank You for believing in my weirdness”. I think that’s what we should do with everyone accept them for who they are and believe in thee weirdness.

It doesn’t matter if your gay, straight, bi, eccentric, emo, preppy, sporty, nerdy, stupid, an actor, a musician, if you…

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