5 Jul

I agree that leading someone on is a complete waste of time and often leaves the person being led on to feel worse about themselves. That was the point of last night’s post. I’m not saying that everyone does so or that they do so purposefully but there are those out there who do these things as part of ‘the game’, who simply just enjoy the chase, to boost their own egos or to gain some attention.

There are a myriad of reasons.

Being close to ‘Sarah’, who had this happen to her, and after hearing her thoughts and feelings, these actions just don’t seem right.

This post by “Single Dating Diva” was a good read and goes so well with my own post last night.

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

Ever felt like you were a cat trying to grab a string that someone else was dangling in front of you?  Ever felt like you were being led on by someone? Just when something seems within your reach it isn’t.  I certainly do! It’s happened to me often actually.  It made me think, is it them or is it me?  Are they sending out the wrong signals or am I reading them wrong?  But then again, I’m a pretty seasoned dater.  I have pretty good instincts (even if I ignore them sometimes).  Some people just like to rev the engines but don’t go anywhere.  I like to call them the “dating tease”.  So how do you avoid the dating “blue balls”?  Well, let’s explore this idea a little more.

Why do people do it? Well, before answering that, we do have to mention that sometimes it’s on purpose and other…

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