25 Jul

Too many young people are turning to suicide as their way out. It saddens me that they feel there is no other option but to take their own life. There needs to be more education on this subject to show those going through hard times that suicide is not an option and that things do get better. You are absolutely right. You shouldn’t do something permanent to fix a temporary problem.


Let’s just get the scary word out there. Suicide.  It’s a word most people are too afraid to say to young people.  Suicidal thoughts are more common than anyone wants to realize.  Kids and adults all over have thoughts about death and yes, even taking their own lives. When things are rough, and they are staying rough over a period of time, many people start thinking about ways to end the “rough” times. This is when thoughts of “suicide” can enter your mind because it seems like “a way out” of the rough patch. Understand that thoughts of suicide don’t make you crazy, it just means that you’re struggling to find a way through something scary or painful and that you simply need a little help finding your way through… and most importantly, that you WANT to feel better.  While asking for help and being honest with someone about how…

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