26 Jul

As Lady Gaga sings in one of her songs “I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way. ” Sometimes being different is not a choice. It’s just who we are. People need to be more accepting and mindful that we are all born this way. Whether we’re gay or straight should not matter.


and there’s nothing we or you can do about it.  it’s like being born black in a racist society, being handicapped in a world that ignores people in wheelchairs or having acne, a big nose, thick thighs and a bad hair cut when you’re a teenager… we simply need to find a way to be at peace with who we are, regardless of how others feel about us.  no matter how uncomfortable you are with us being gay, we can’t change the truth of who we are and who we are attracted to any more than you can.  despite what you may think, we do not choose this lifestyle just to be different, we don’t “become” gay just to rebel or make our parents angry, and we are not perverts or deviants. there’s no voodoo that can be done to “cleanse” us and there’s no prayer you can send into…

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