28 Jul

When we think of bullying, we think of young people and school aged children mostly. We forget that senior citizens get bullied as well. More people should be aware of this. This was a good read and great post.

Meaningful Media

Two days ago, the world’s collective stomach turned when a video capturing a group of teenage boys launching a vicious verbal attack on a 68 year old bus monitor went viral.  The video defines repulsive, but, it may have ultimately helped more than it harmed.  It has resulted in worldwide contributions towards a “vacation fund” (soon to be renamed “retirement fund”) for the victim, Karen Klein which is climbing steadily towards 300 thousand dollars, and has brought the issue of senior citizen bullying to the forefront of public discourse.

Right now, the question lingers, why in the world would these boys act so ruthlessly towards a senior citizen?  More importantly, what is being done to address the  complex problem of senior bullying?

Experts say as many as 1 in 5 seniors are victims of bullying”

Senior bullying has several faces, making it a tough opponent to tackle.  Scenarios…

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