4 Aug

Bullying Help Blog

A lot of kids, and adults, have discovered (or are in the process of discovering) that they aren’t straight when it comes to sexual preference. It could just be experimenting or a permanent realization. And I think that is perfectly acceptable, but many are against it. But that doesn’t mean those people are simply mean or stupid, it just means they have a hard time understanding and lash out. But some, really are just trying to hurt you. They usually are under the impression that being lesbian or gay (among many different romantic and sexual preferences i.e. pan-sexual) is simply “wrong” or “gross”. But what you, as a part of the LGBT community, have to understand is that just because others think that way, doesn’t make it true. If you truly feel lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender etc., that is how YOU feel. No one else  can dictate that. No matter…

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