Introvert To Extrovert: Day 1

16 Aug

My day started out with afternoon classes, which was perfect as it gave me time to mentally prepare myself before tackling  each of the challenges I had set out to achieve (see previous post).

This is how Day 1 of the experiment unraveled.

Arriving at University, I walked into the student magazine office to start my first official day volunteering and spoke to the Editor. We had a brief conversation about the magazine and what volunteering involved before he introduced me to others in the team. I made it a point to be vocal. I greeted each member of the team with a cheerful “Hi. How are you?” and “Nice to meet you.” My parents always taught me to be polite 😉 I also asked the Editor a few questions which ensured that my voice was heard.

Not only was I vocal but I smiled. Smiling comes naturally to me so that was easy but it didn’t exactly fit in with Challenge #3, which was to smile at people who make eye contact. Sure, I smiled when I was introduced to others working for the student magazine and there was eye contact involved but I didn’t smile to the stranger who made eye contact while walking past me.

Have you ever gone walking and noticed a guy checking you out? I’ve hardly ever come across that, most likely because I often look away when I notice someone looking at me. I did exactly that today. I was fully aware, as I made my way toward one of the University buildings, that for a brief second my eyes locked with a young man walking in the opposite direction. Now, I could have smiled. I really could have but it was almost as if my body went into auto-pilot and diverted my eyes away from the guy immediately. Bummer. And he was cute too. Double bummer.

Later in the day as I talked to one of my friends, my brain decided to go into overdrive before my mouth could catch up, which resulted in me stumbling on some of my words. Embarrassing no? The good thing, which personally is something I quite like about myself, is that I laughed. Not one of those hearty, tears inducing laughter but a genuine laugh nonetheless. I found it funny and didn’t judge myself for making that mistake, yet alone making it in public.

As for the last challenge? I didn’t go all out and bust a couple of hip hop moves but I did sway to some music. Maybe even a little bopping, which I believe comes with being a nerd 😉 That counts right?

So here’s a breakdown of Day 1.

  • Challenge 1 : √
  • Challenge 2: √
  • Challenge 3: X
  • Challenge 4: √
  • Challenge 5: √

I might have failed in one but succeeded in others. That, I must say is progress 😀

The next couple of days may be tricky as it’s the weekend and I do have to study you know? However, I will try to work through these challenges again. Trying is important in anything you do. As the saying goes, “Try and fail but never fail to try” (original author unknown but I learnt this from my Dad).

If you have any ideas of challenges I should tackle, lay them on me and comment below. I can’t be doing just these 5 forever!


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