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Remember This

8 Aug

Remember this: things happen for a reason. You might not understand those reasons now but one day you’ll look back and think “Ah, so that’s why that happened.” So sit back, relax and enjoy living in the moment because as the image below points out, “things will become clearer soon.”

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This Too Shall Pass

5 Aug

I think it’s important to keep this in mind and to have faith that the bad days will pass because it does pass. Have you ever noticed that when you’ve gone through a long period of ‘bad’ and feel that you should just give up hope, something positive suddenly pops into your life, taking you completely by surprise? I’ve had that happen a number of times, only with me, I didn’t give up. I kept going through the bad days.

Good things, positive things, do happen out of the blue. However, when you work toward it, when you fight through the bad, you tend to appreciate the good days so much more and they don’t just become good days but amazing days. You feel a sense of achievement in a way, because you fought and kept on going no matter the obstacles thrown your way. If you don’t believe in anything else, believe in this: bad days do not mean you have a bad life. Good days do happen.

Here’s a good quote I’ve found online (author unknown) which I think is appropriate here: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” So get off the couch, throw back the blankets and go dance in that rain! You’ll have fun in the process.