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Think Before You Judge

29 Sep


Nerds: They’re Sexy And They Know It

26 Jun

Those of you who read yesterday’s post know that I went to a frat party.

Last night I found myself fitting the profile of a stereotypical nerd, standing in the corner with one of my friends, watching the crowd. Now, some of you may laugh at me for not breaking out of the stereotype but the difference about last night was that I didn’t choose to stand in the corner. In a way, I was forced to. The venue was packed, filled with hundreds of young men and women, and as with any party the music was up far too loud. It was difficult to talk and hear one another and moving around was a mission. At one stage it became so hot that the minute you stepped foot into the dance area, you’d sweat. Just like that.

So yes, I was forced into one corner and yes I watched the crowd as would a typical nerd but I also had a good time. When two other friends arrived, the party got a whole lot more interesting as we danced in our little corner and yelled into each others’ ears in attempt to converse. We were completely oblivious to what others’ thought of us and that was ultimately what was most important. Not to mention that I noticed a ‘jock’ look my way a couple of times, though nothing came of it and it probably didn’t mean anything. In that respect, I feel that the night was a complete success as not only did I enjoy myself but I broke out of my usual habit of avoiding parties like this and somehow managed to exude an air of self-confidence .

What I found to be most interesting though was the choice of costume most of the people chose to wear. It appears that being a nerd is now ‘in’. Almost every guy and girl came as nerds, complete with bright coloured suspenders, huge thick framed glasses and mismatched socks. They too seemed to enjoy themselves, more so than those who came as jocks or cheerleaders. I wasn’t at the party long enough to give a more detailed account but for the three hours that I was there, the nerds appeared to dominate the crowd  and the dance floor with their drunken antics.

All in all, it was a good party and it was nice to see the nerds taking over for a change. Looks like the times are changing. Nerds are sexy and they, as well as everyone else, are starting to realise it.

Nerd and Proud

25 Jun

Tonight is the night of a college frat party and in keeping with the theme, guests are to dress up either as jocks, cheerleaders or nerds.

Normally I would shy away from parties like this because in High School, I had always felt that I could never pull off the cheerleader look and let’s face it, what’s the point of showing up as a nerd? Stereotypically, a nerd would either be stuck in the corner of the room, eyeing the crowd nervously, bopping to the music, waiting for someone, anyone to ask them to dance or they’d become the target of the inevitable party prank. Both scenarios don’t usually end well for the nerd in question. Now, not all nerds would be bound by the stereotype, but I never wanted to take the risk. After all, I wasn’t just a nerd, I was the fat nerd.

Four years since High School, forty pounds lighter and with a hell of a lot more self-esteem, I’m ready to take that risk.  I could go to the party tonight as a cheerleader. I’m pretty sure I have the right attitude for it, amongst other things. But if I did go as a cheerleader tonight, it would only show my need to fit in. I’m a grown woman with a little more self-respect than to fall into the trap of needing to fit in with the cool kids.

So tonight, I’m donning my thick black ‘Clark Kent’ glasses, as I like to call it, my Chuck Taylors and of course a pair of suspenders, ready to show the world that I’m a nerd, I’m proud of it and I’m going to have an amazing time tonight with my girls.

I’ll fill you in on how it goes tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe tonight, as a nerd, I’ll break out of the stereotype. This is my little social experiment. Wish me luck.