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Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

13 Sep

Imagine this. You meet someone and you click. You click in a way that you actually believe you could become friends with that person. For a few months, things go well. You chat about life, love, anything and everything in between. You’re most definitely friends. Then things change. The person starts to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable doing. You proceed with numerous attempts of telling them you’re not interested in those things and that even though you are both different, you have enough in common to maintain the friendship. The person refuses to accept this and starts to pressure you even more. Things turn ugly and your friendship is threatened.

Part of you feels that you should compromise or maybe even give in to the pressure to save what you believed was a good friendship. Was it really a good friendship though? You start to notice the subtle hints of the person’s true nature. They had been slowly playing you. Settling for a simple friendship to get you to trust them, to open up to them and when they had enough on you, things started to turn. The person was never a friend. They had an agenda all along.

Should you compromise your values and morals for the sake of a friendship? Should you do something you’re not comfortable with to fit in with this person, to save the friendship and to perhaps fit in with their social circle? Is it worth it? The answer is simply, NO.

There will always be genuine people out there who will truly be your friends but equally, there are several people out there who will always have an agenda. True friends will never ask you to go beyond your morals or ask you to do something you are not comfortable with. Friends who do, who then attempt to threaten you or make you feel unworthy of friendship are not your friends. You don’t have to change yourself for anyone other than yourself. If you’re not comfortable doing something, don’t do it. If you lose the friend, so be it because you’ll make new ones. Friends come and go. Some, last a lifetime. If you have genuine friends who you trust, who would never ask you to compromise yourself then consider yourself very lucky.

Remember this, there will always be someone out there with an agenda but you don’t have to comply with their needs. You don’t owe anyone anything other than yourself. Keep those who are genuine close but stay away from the wolves in sheep’s clothing.