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Anonymous Asked #2

18 Sep

Anonymous asked: I dunno. I’m just so tired of everything. I can’t be bothered trying. It’s too hard. All I want to do is sleep forever and never wake up. That way I never have to deal with all of this anymore. I dunno, I guess I’m just screwed up but I can’t help feeling this way.

This conversation had been going on for a few days and let me tell you, there’s a lot going on in this sweet person’s life. Things that actually hurts me to read. Above is just a snippet of what I received in my inbox today and it definitely needs addressing.

First off, if you are reading this Anonymous, you are not screwed up. Being tired is something everyone faces at some point. Not the ‘I’m tired because I didn’t get enough sleep’ kind of tired but the ‘I’m so sick of trying so hard’ kind of tired. I’m sure we’ve all been at that point, whether we’ve tried so hard to get that promotion at work or to do extremely well at school. For some, maybe it’s pure exhaustion from struggling every single day to eat healthier and exercise when it’s much easier to lay around in front of the TV eating junk food. Everything in life involves hard work and yes, at some point, some of us may just hit breaking point where we think “screw it, I just want this to end”. The reality though, is that people move on. They realise they’re exhausted and go about changing their approach. Maybe it involves taking a few days off and tending to their own needs or perhaps looking at things from a different perspective. It’s okay to feel ‘tired’. It’s okay to want the pain to end. The important thing to remember is to never give up! Someone once told me that pain is a sign that we are alive. It’s how we overcome the adversity that makes us who we are.

A lot of people don’t realise that suicide does not mean the person is wanting to end their life. No, it’s not about ending life. It’s about ending the pain. When I read that you wanted to never wake up, my first thought was that you must be in so much pain that you are willing to do something so drastic. That’s what it is in the end isn’t it? Suicide is about ending the pain but it is never an option. I know that it may seem like an easy way out, to stop the hurt you’re feeling but it’s also permanent. Once you take your own life, there’s no going back. You’ll never know if something fantastic was right around the corner, an opportunity waiting to happen. You’ll never know that your pain was actually only temporary and would go away in time. Why do something so permanent to fix a temporary problem?

Life is tough and bad things do happen. Some of the things that are happening in the world today are despicable but there’s also so much good in the world too. Pain does go away, eventually. It may not be an easy process and it will take a long time, but the scars and wounds will heal. The thing to remember is that everything you’re going through now will only make you stronger but you need to keep fighting.


Keyboard Warriors: How Dare They

12 Jul
Cyberbullying, would you do it?

Cyberbullying, would you do it? (Photo credit: kid-josh)

Over the last couple of days, I spent what I normally call “blogging time” on reading other blogs as well as setting up a Twitter account in attempt to expand my reach and spread the word about bullying. Many posts were enlightening and inspiring while others, which clearly showed the pain the author feels, made me feel sympathetic and quite sad. It’s always hard for me to read stories about cruelty and bullying because it affects me on a personal level and brings back memories I’d rather leave buried.
On a number of these blogs and twitter pages, I noticed comments that were utterly shocking, atrocious and appalling. Most of them were in response to posts illustrating the author’s pain. Here are some examples of what I came across:
1. “fat, disgusting, vile, obese, chunky, morbidly disgusting excuse of a human. You’re a waste of skin. I hope that triggered you a bunch” – This was in response to a  girl who claimed she was going to end her life.
2. “Why don’t you just kill yourself, nobody will miss you”
3. “Ew, you’re so ugly. Go kill yourself.”
4. “You’re pathetic and useless. Just go kill yourself already. You’re better off dead.”
There are simply no words to describe the people who write such things. These people are what some call “keyboard warriors” and are essentially ‘cyber bullies’,  who hide behind their computers and make these awful comments because there is no fear of consequences or retaliation.
I, personally, do not understand what anyone could stand to gain from making these sort of comments. What kind of person does this? How dare they say such things? Don’t they realise that their comments will only push someone, already feeling depressed, over the edge?
Apologies for the short post today. I just have absolutely no way of expressing how I feel in regards to this topic. There are just no words to describe my feelings. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone and I sincerely hope the people these comments were targeting do not take them seriously.
How do you feel about people who write & say these sort of things to others? What can we do to put an end to this? Is it even possible to educate people on how wrong this is? Leave comments below.